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Table 2 Patients express multiple allelic variations of PAP and PSA genes

From: Presence of antigen-specific somatic allelic mutations and splice variants do not predict for immunological response to genetic vaccination

   PAP allelic variants PSA allelic variants  
  Patients 122T>G 849C>T 993T>C 1146A>G 48T>G 54A>C 84C>T 237C>T 304G>A 394C>A 536T>C
  1 X X X X        X
  2 X X X X        
  3 X         X   
  4 X           
  5 X           
  6 X           
Non-Responders 7   X X X        
  8   X X X        
  9          X   
  13   X X X        
  16    X X        
  17   X X X    X     
  18    X X        
  19   X X X     X   X  
  20    X X        
  21    X X        X
  23   X   X     X   X  
Immune Responders 24            
  25         X    
  26    X X     X    
  27   X X X     X    
  28     X        
  29      X X     X  
  30      X    X   X  
  31   X X X     X    
  33   X X X        
  1. Shown are individual SNPs detected among PAP-specific immune non-responding patients (top, 1–13) and PAP-specific immune responding patients (bottom, 14–33). Detected allelic variants are named for their relative position within each gene such that PAP-c.122T>G is the T→G transversion in the 122 nucleotide from the cDNA start site. Detection of an allelic variant is indicated by an X. Bold face indicates synonymous coding mutations and bold face italic indicates non-synonymous coding mutations.