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Table 4 Immune responses to peptides specific to PAP splice variant proteins are detectable in patients

From: Presence of antigen-specific somatic allelic mutations and splice variants do not predict for immunological response to genetic vaccination

  Library Splice junction peptide pools Control antigens  
Patients hPP s2p1 s3p1 s3p2 s3p3 s4p1 rPP-100 SSX2-p167 PHA
  1    X X   X    X
  2   X X X   X    X
  3     X      X
  4         X X
  5          X
  6          X
Non-responders 7          X
  8          X
  10     X      X
  11     X      X
  12     X      X
  13          X
  14     X      X
  15 X    X      X
  16      X     X
  17         X X
  18 X X X    X X X X
  19         X X
  24          X
Immune responders 25     X      X
  26     X      X
  27     X      X
  28     X      X
  29    X X      X
  31     X      X
  32     X      X
  33          X
  1. PBMC from immune non-responding patients (top, 1–13) and immune responding patients (bottom, 14–33) obtained prior to immunization were assessed for IFN-γ-secreting immune responses by ELISPOT following stimulation with peptides pools specific to the alternative splice variants of PAP or a peptide pool from the native antigen. The presence of a statistically significant IFN-γ-secreting immune response to a specific peptide pool as described above is indicated by an X.