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Figure 2

From: Cytokine responsiveness of CD8+ T cells is a reproducible biomarker for the clinical efficacy of dendritic cell vaccination in glioblastoma patients

Figure 2

Dose-dependent changes in pSTAT-5 by CD3 + CD8 + T cells in response to IL-2. PBMC (pre/post DC vaccination) were stimulated with graded doses of IL-2 for 20 minutes, followed by intracellular staining for pSTAT-5. (A) Representative example of the pSTAT-5 dose response staining from patient #GAA-03 before (top) and after (bottom) DC vaccination. (B) Non-linear plot comparing the dose response of CD3 + CD8+ T lymphocytes before and after DC vaccination in patient #GAA-03. The calculated EC-50 values are listed.

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