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Table 2 Clinical outcome details for 16 patients surviving ≥ 23 months including survival times (to follow-up at end 2010 or death) in months, disease sites at commencement of vaccination, treatments prior to commencement of vaccination and current status

From: Prolonged repeated vaccine immuno-chemotherapy induces long-term clinical responses and survival for advanced metastatic melanoma

Survival (Months) ID Disease sites Prior Tx Status
121 015 s/c, LN S, R Alive, fully functional
117 002 S/C, lung, LN S, B Alive, fully functional
93 010 s/c S, ILI Alive, fully functional
76 021 s/c S, ILI Alive, fully functional
61 031 s/c, lung, LN S, R Alive, fully functional
44 008 s/c S Died
35 049 s/c, lung S AWD, fully functional
34 050 s/c, LN, brain, spleen R, S Alive, fully functional
34 046 s/c, lung S Died
33 053 s/c, lung S Alive, fully functional
29 023 S/C, GB, lung S Died
27 052 s/c, umbilical S Off trial/died
26 045 s/c S Died
24 006 s/c S Died
24 017 s/c, LN, lung, liver, spleen S Died
23 009 S/C, Bone, lung S, R Died
  1. Abbreviations: s/csub-cutaneous, LN lymph nodes, GB gall bladder, S surgery, B biological therapy, ILI isolated limb infusion (of chemotherapy), R radiotherapy, AWD alive with disease.