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Figure 1

From: The IL-15 superagonist ALT-803 enhances anti-CD20 antibody-directed NK cell ADCC and in vivo clearance of B cell lymphomas

Figure 1

ALT-803 enhances NK cell ADCC against primary follicular lymphoma. (A) Representative 4 hour flow-based ADCC assay demonstrating killing of CD19+ lymphoma cells at the indicated effector target ratios after 24 hours of stimulation with 35 ng/ml ALT-803 and 30 minute FL cell labeling with rituximab or control IgG1 monoclonal antibody. Effectors were purified (>95% CD56+CD3-) NK cells. (B) Summary data (N = 5 lymphoma sample targets, N = 15 normal NK cell donors, N = 5 independent experiments) showing the dose-dependent increase in mean ADCC enhanced by ALT-803. *p < 0.001

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