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Figure 1 | Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Figure 1

From: MAGE-specific T cells detected directly ex-vivo correlate with complete remission in metastatic breast cancer patients after sequential immune-endocrine therapy

Figure 1

Clinical exam photographs, imaging (CT scans and PET/CT available only at last follow-up), tumor marker (CA 27-29) and treatment regimens according to timeline for patient 1. At initial presentation of the patient with malignant hypercalcemia in September 2009, the locally advanced breast cancer involved the overlying skin, invaded the pectoralis muscle and sternum; in addition lung metastases were detected by imaging as well as bone metastases (not shown). Interval treatments included paclitaxel, bevacizumab, LH-RH agonist, tamoxifen, topical imiquimod followed by fulvestrant, on which the patient experienced a complete response including breast, skin, lung and bone lesions in September of 2010. At last follow up August 2012, patient had no clinical or radiographic evidence of disease.

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