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Figure 1

From: Tetramer guided, cell sorter assisted production of clinical grade autologous NY-ESO-1 specific CD8+ T cells

Figure 1

Representative production of clinical grade NY-ESO-1 specific T cell products from patient 1. A. No detectable cells are observed with CD8 and Tetramer staining of untreated PBMC from patient 1. B. Small CD8+ and Tetramer+ were observed in 3 wells of three 48 well plates after 2 stimulations using peptide pulsed dendritic cells. C. The 3 positive wells were sorted using the clinical grade cell sorted and underwent 2 expansions. CD8 and tetramer staining of the final product is shown. D. The final product was able to lyse peptide pulsed targets as well as an endogenously NY-ESO-1 expressing tumor line (NY-ESO-1). Mel 526 is an HLA-A2+, NY-ESO-1 tumor line used as a control.

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