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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Multispectral imaging of formalin-fixed tissue predicts ability to generate tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes from melanoma

Mel number Sex Successful expansion (N = 29) Tumor-reactive (N = 21) FFPE (N = 17) Site Time to growth (days)
Mel-119 M No    Right Groin  
Mel-120 F No     
Mel-131 M Yes Yes   Right Back 29
Mel-133 M Yes Yes FFPE Liver 30
Mel-134 M Yes Yes    38
Mel-135 F No   FFPE Right supraclavicular mass  
Mel-140 F Yes No    37
Mel-144 M No   FFPE Intraperitoneal mass  
Mel-145 M Yes Yes    27
Mel-150 F No    Right back mass  
Mel-160 F Yes Yes FFPE Right Thigh 26
Mel-163 A F Yes Yes FFPE Illiac LN 55
Mel-173-C 5 F Yes Yes FSC   40
Mel-176 M Yes Yes FFPE lower left lobe 34
Mel-177A F Yes Yes FSC Right Leg mass 25
Mel-179 F Yes No FSC Right axillary mass 56
Mel-180A M Yes Yes   Axillary tumor mass 40
Mel-181 F Yes Yes    12
Mel-182 M No   FFPE Left pelvic mass  
Mel-185 M Yes Yes FSC Superior medistinal mass 33
Mel-186 M No   FSC Right lower lobe mass  
Mel-187 M Yes No   Paracenthesis fluid 67
Mel-188 M Yes No FFPE Right Axillary LN 41
Mel-189 M No    Left Chest wall  
Mel-189A M Yes Yes    32
Mel-190 M No   FFPE Small Bowl  
Mel-191 M Yes No   LN 28
Mel-192 F No    Thigh  
Mel-193 F No    Left Lung Upper Lobe  
Mel-199 M Yes Yes FSC   48
Mel-200 M Yes Yes FSC Left lower tumor 37
Mel-201 M Yes Yes    26
Mel-206 M Yes Yes    56
Mel-207 M Yes Yes    35
Mel-208 M Yes Yes   Left lower lobe LN 33
Mel-209 M Yes Yes FFPE Liver mass 29
Mel-211 F Yes Yes   Liver mass 26
  1. Tumor specificity is determined by IFN-γ release when stimulated with the autologous tumor cell line or tumor digest (defined as IFN-γ release greater than 100 pg/ml and double the background (T cells alone). FFPE or FSC (frozen section control) samples are available where indicated. The letters (A, B, C) after Mel-# designate tumors from different sites