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Table 2 Clinical trials using IDO inhibitors

From: Targeting the indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase pathway in cancer

Drug Phase Mono or combo Cancer Clinical trial ID Comments
INCB 024360 I Mono All NCT01195311 ASCO 2013
Ib/II With ipilimumab Melanoma NCT01604889 ASCO 2014/Recruiting
II With MELITAC 12.1 Melanoma NCT01961115 Recruiting
II Mono Ovary NCT01685255 Recruiting
II Mono MDS NCT01822691 Recruiting
Ib/II With MK3475 All/NSCLC NCT02178722 Recruiting
Ib/II With CDX-1401, poly ICLC Ovary NCT02166905 Recruiting
Pilot Mono Ovary (neoaduvant) NCT02042430 Recruiting
Indoximod (NLG2101) I Mono All NCT00739609 ASCO 2012
Ib With docetaxel All NCT01191216 ASCO 2013
Ib/II With AD.p53 DC vaccine All/breast NCT01042535 ASCO 2013/Recruiting
II With docetaxel Breast (HER2-) NCT01792050 Recruiting
II Mono Prostate NCT01560923 Recruiting
II With sipuleucel-T Prostate NCT01560923 Recruiting
Ib/II With nab-paclitaxel, gemcitabine Pancreas NCT02077881 Recruiting
Ib/II With ipilimumab Melanoma NCT02073123 Recruiting
Ib/II With temozolomide Brain NCT02052648 Recruiting
IDO peptide vaccine I With imiquimod, montanide NSCLC NCT01219348 Iversen 2013 [78]
Ib With temozolomide Melanoma NCT01543464 Recruiting
NLG919 I Mono All NCT02048709 Recruiting
  1. DC dendritic cell, MDS myelodysplastic syndrome, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer