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Table 1 Molecular profiling results from FoundationOne™ testing. 73 deleterious mutations were identified among 62 genes known drivers of cancer. Additional 340 variants of unknown significance [VUS] abnormalities were identified among 166 genes (not shown). Four mutations were identified in mismatch repair genes MSH2 and MSH6

From: Mismatch repair deficiency associated with complete remission to combination programmed cell death ligand immune therapy in a patient with sporadic urothelial carcinoma: immunotheranostic considerations

ERBB4 R842Q TP53 P222L, R175C, R282W MSH6 R361H
FBXW7 R689Q APC R856C MSH2 A913fs*2,E580* E226*
FGFR3 R248C AR R616H   
JAK2 D319N ARID1A R1989* MYST3 R79Q
KRAS A18T ARID2 L390fs*1, Q819*, R1677* NOTCH2 R2036*
NF2 R424C ATRX R2131, 6849 + 2 T > C POLE V411L
PTCH1 R135* CHEK2 W97* PRDM1 A5O2T
ROS1 A114OT CIC R1515H PREX2 R1149H
TET2 E149* CTCF R11W SLIT2 C1022*, R942*,2417+ 2 T>C
ATM R1875* CUL3 R148*   
ATR R1082H EPHB1 G642D SMAD4 R361H
CDKN2A p16INK4a, A68T, p14ARF l FAT1 S4314fsa6 SMARCA4 R1093a
CHEK1 R160H FLT3 485-1G > A SPEN R2081a
CREBBP R2344W GRIN2A E1461K, R1206a SPTA1 R374Q
EP300 R838C HNF1A S574N TAF1 R1172a
FANCA T1161M KDM6A R1279a TGFBR2 R528C
NTRK1 R649W MLL2 R4238C, R4904a WT1 T358M