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Table 1 Immunoprognostic and Immunotherapeutic Areas

From: Immunodynamics: a cancer immunotherapy trials network review of immune monitoring in immuno-oncology clinical trials

 Conventional Therapies  
  Radiation therapy  
 ITAs - Passive  
  Cellular Therapy  
   Adoptive T and NK cells  
   CAR T cells  
 ITAs - Active & Specific  
   Monoclonal Antibodies  
   Immune-targeting, including checkpoint inhibitors  
   In situ Vaccines  
   Cell-based Vaccines  
   Dendritic cell–based Vaccines  
   Non–cell-based Vaccines  
 ITAs - Active & Nonspecific  
  IDO Inhibitors  
  1. CAR chimeric antigen receptor, ITA immune-targeted agent, IDO indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase