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Table 1 Summary of preclinical, translational, and clinical evidence of the DRibbles vaccine

From: Glimpse into the future: harnessing autophagy to promote anti-tumor immunity with the DRibbles vaccine

In the Lab Bench to Bedside In the Clinic
• DRibbles vaccine comprises autophagosome-packaged cellular proteins, short-lived proteins and ribosomal proteins that may be missed by endogenous immunity • The DPV-001 DRibbles contains over 2,000 proteins, of which 25 are known tumor-associated antigens • Dribbles vaccine + docetaxel was well tolerated in a phase I NSCLC trial
• DRibbles delays growth in both “autologous” and “allogeneic” pre-preclinical models • The DPV-001 cell lines contain thousands of mutations and polymorphisms that could function as altered-peptide ligands • A Phase II trial comparing DRibbles + either GM-CSF or Imiquimod in stage IIIA/B NSCLC is ongoing
• DRibbles contains innate immunity mediators (DAMPs) and surface ligands for CLEC9a, which facilitate uptake by APCs for cross-presentation • Each lung adenocarcinoma sequence from the TCGA database shares at least one mutation with the polymorphisms found in DPV-001 • A Phase I trial of DRibbles + imiquimod + low-dose cyclophosphamide is ongoing
  • DPV-001 contains common oncogene mutants such as KRAS G12C • DRibbles induced increased antibody reactivity in the first 2 patients treated on a phase II trial