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Table 1 Task Force criteria for HD IL-2 therapy

From: Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer consensus statement on immunotherapy for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma

Criterion Rankinga
Physiologic features
 Clear cell histology - no papillary or granular features 1.21
 Adequate heart and lung function 3.57
 Performance Status 3.71
 Age (physiology ≤ 70 years) 4.64
 Prior nephrectomy 4.93
 Lack of CNS metastases (or treated) 5.42
Low priority
 No prior TKI use 7.27
 MSKCC risk group 7.36
VLack of bone metastases 7.40
 Lack of liver metastases 8.56
 Lack of sarcomatoid histology 9.00
 CA IX status 10.78
 Other 11.00
  1. aEach criterion was ranked from highest priority to lowest priority with 1 indicating the highest priority