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Table 1 Cases of immunotherapy induced sarcoid and sarcoid-like granulomatous reaction in metastatic melanoma

From: Sarcoidosis in the setting of combination ipilimumab and nivolumab immunotherapy: a case report & review of the literature

Age*, Sex Stage Immunotherapy (cycle prior to sarcoid diagnosis) Melanoma Response Sarcoid Organ Involvement Symptoms related to Sarcoid Sarcoid Treatment Required Reference
67 F IV Ipilimumab (4+) stable disease lung, mediastinum, skin dyspnea unknown [5]
62 F IV Ipilimumab (not reported) stable disease mediastinal LN, skin, bronchus none No [6]
49 M IV Ipilimumab (4) complete response mediastinal/hilar LN none N0 [7]
48 F IV Ipilimumab (2) progression Widespread LN, lung, spleen dyspnea, cough, fatigue Yes - steroids [8]
63 M IV Ipilimumab (4) progression lung dyspnea, dry cough, hypoxia Yes-steroids [9]
57 M IIIB Ipilimumab (6) Unknown lung, hilar LN, skin none No [10]
55 M IIIB Ipilimumab (2) progression lung, mediastinal/hilar LN, skin dyspnea, hypoxia Yes-steroids [11]
37 M IV Ipilimumab (4) stable disease mediastinal/hilar LN, brain fatigue, arthralgia, anorexia, weight loss, headache Yes-steroids [12]
44 M IV Ipilimumab (4) partial response spleen none No [13]
57 M IV Nivolumab (not reported) complete response mediastinal/hilar LN, skin none No [14]
  1. *Age at initial diagnosis of melanoma