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Table 3 Phenotype of Canine Immune Subsets

From: Canine cancer immunotherapy studies: linking mouse and human

Cell Positive CD Markers Negative CD Markers
Helper T cell CD4,a CD45 CD21
Cytotoxic T cell CD8, CD45, IFN-γ CD21
Activated Memory T cell CD25, CD44, CD45, CD69 CD62L
Regulatory T cell CD4, CD25, CD45, FoxP3 CD8
B cell CD22, CD79a, CD45, CD25, MHC2 TCR
Dendritic cell CD11c, MHC II, CD80, CD14 N/A
Macrophage MHC II, Mac-3/Lamp2/107b, F4/80, CD11b, CD206 N/A
Natural Killer cell CD5 dim, CD45, MHC1, MHC2, NKp46 CD5 (after 14 days in culture), CD4, CD21
  1. aPossibly unique to canines, CD4 is expressed in granulocytes. Similar to other species, CD4 is expressed in a subset of monocyte-derived cells