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Fig. 2 | Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Fig. 2

From: Gene expression markers of Tumor Infiltrating Leukocytes

Fig. 2

Pairwise similarity, a measure of marker-like co-expression, of candidate B-cell marker genes in TCGA. a Pairwise similarity of candidate B-cell marker genes averaged across 24 TCGA RNASeq datasets. Darker red indicates co-expression patterns consistent with both genes acting as cell type markers. Values of 1 indicate perfect marker-like co-expression. Green sidebars indicate final selected markers. b Two of the selected B-cell markers, including CD19, in the bladder cancer dataset, demonstrating strong marker-like co-expression. c In bladder cancer, CD19 and the rejected candidate marker BLNK, displaying co-expression inconsistent with both genes acting as B-cell markers

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