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Fig. 2

From: CCR7+ selected gene-modified T cells maintain a central memory phenotype and display enhanced persistence in peripheral blood in vivo

Fig. 2

Proliferation kinetics and phenotype following various mitogenic stimuli. a Representative flow cytometry data 72 h following CFSE staining and activation of T cells with mitogenic agents after selection for expression of CCR7. b Long term proliferation of T cells following selection for expression of CCR7, mitogenic activation, transduction with RetroDMF5 and culture in IL-2. Expansion of NSC, CCR7+ and CCR7 T cell populations was assessed after 14 days through enumeration of live cells. c The phenotype CD8+ T cell populations following CCR7 selection and d Analysis of additional markers of early differentiation CD27, CD28 and CD62Lhi. Error bars show ± SEM. For phenotypes, significant difference from plate bound antibody is shown

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