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Table 1 Complete list of 123 peripheral immune cell subsets analyzed by flow cytometry

From: Analyses of the peripheral immunome following multiple administrations of avelumab, a human IgG1 anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody

1. Total CD4+ T cells
 • PD-L1+ CD4
 • PD-1+ CD4
 • TCR+ CD4
 • Tbet+ CD4
 • BATF+ CD4
 • CTLA-4+ CD4
 • Tim-3+ CD4
 • ICOS+ CD4
  o PD-L1+ ICOS+ CD4
  o PD-1+ ICOS+ CD4
 • Total naïve (CCR7+CD45RA+) CD4
  o PD-L1+ naïve CD4
  o PD-1+ naïve CD4
  o CTLA-4+ naïve CD4
  o Tim-3+ naïve CD4
 • Total central memory (CCR7+ CD45RA-) CD4
  o PD-L1+ CM CD4
  o PD-1+ CM CD4
  o CTLA-4+ CM CD4
  o Tim-3+ CM CD4
 • Total effector memory (CCR7- CD45RA-) CD4
  o PD-L1+ EM CD4
  o PD-1+ EM CD4
  o CTLA-4+ EM CD4
  o Tim-3+ EM CD4
 • Total EMRA (CCR7-CD45RA+) CD4
  o PD-L1+ EMRA CD4
  o PD-1+ EMRA CD4
  o CTLA-4+ EMRA CD4
  o Tim-3+ EMRA CD4
2. Total CD8+ T cells
 • PD-L1+ CD8
 • PD-1+ CD8
 • TCR+ CD8
 • Tbet+ CD8
 • BATF+ CD8
 • CTLA-4+ CD8
 • Tim-3+ CD8
 • Total naïve (CCR7+CD45RA+) CD8
  o PD-L1+ naïve CD8
  o PD-1+ naïve CD8
  o CTLA-4+ naïve CD8
  o Tim-3+ naïve CD8
 • Total central memory (CCR7+CD45RA-) CD8
  o PD-L1+ CM CD8
  o PD-1+ CM CD8
  o CTLA-4+ CM CD8
  o Tim-3+ CM CD8
 • Total effector memory (CCR7- CD45RA-) CD8
  o PD-L1+ EM CD8
  o PD-1+ EM CD8
  o CTLA-4+ EM CD8
  o Tim-3+ EM CD8
 • Total EMRA (CCR7-CD45RA+) CD8
  o PD-L1+ EMRA CD8
  o PD-1+ EMRA CD8
  o CTLA-4+ EMRA CD8
  o Tim-3+ EMRA CD8
3. Total Tregs
 • PD-L1+ Tregs
 • PD-1+ Tregs
 • CTLA-4+ Tregs
 • ICOS+ Tregs
 • CD45RA+ Tregs
 • CD49d- Tregs
4. Total B cells
 • PD-L1+ B cells
 • PD-1+ B cells
 • CTLA-4+ B cells
 • Tim-3+ B cells
5. Total NK
 • PD-L1+ NK
 • PD-1+ NK
 • Tim-3+ NK
 • Total mature (CD16+ CD56dim) NK
  o PD-L1+ mature NK
  o PD-1+ mature NK
  o Tim-3+ mature NK
 • Total functional intermediate (CD16+ CD56br) NK
  o PD-L1+ functional intermediate NK
  o PD-1+ functional intermediate NK
  o Tim-3+ functional intermediate NK
 • Total immature (CD16- CD56br) NK
  o PD-L1+ immature NK
  o PD-1+ immature NK
  o Tim-3+ immature NK
 • Total unconventional (CD16- CD56dim) NK
  o PD-L1+ unconventional NK
  o PD-1+ unconventional NK
  o Tim-3+ unconventional NK
6. Total NK-T
 • PD-L1+ NK-T
 • PD-1+ NK-T
 • Tim-3+ NK-T
7. Total cDC
 • PD-L1+ cDC
 • PD-1+ cDC
 • CD83+ cDC
 • Tim-3+ cDC
8. Total pDC
 • PD-L1+ pDC
 • PD-1+ pDC
 • CD83+ pDC
 • Tim-3+ pDC
9. Total MDSC
 • PD-L1+ MDSC
 • PD-1+ MDSC
 • CD16+ MDSC
 • Total monocytic (CD14+ CD15-) MDSC
  o PD-L1+ mMDSC
  o PD-1+ mMDSC
  o CD16+ mMDSC
 • Total granulocytic (CD14- CD15+) MDSC
  o PD-L1+ gMDSC
  o PD-1+ gMDSC
  o CD16+ gMDSC
 • Total lineage negative (CD14- CD15-) MDSC
  o PD-L1+ lin neg MDSC
  o PD-1+ lin neg MDSC
  o CD16+ lin neg MDSC
  1. Nine classic subsets were identified as well as 114 refined subsets relating to maturation and function within the classic subsets (Lepone et al., ref. [15])
  2. BATF basic leucine zipper transcription factor ATF-like, cDC conventional dendritic cells, CM central memory, CTLA-4 cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated protein-4, EM effector memory, EMRA terminally differentiated effector memory, EOMES eomesodermin, gMDSC granulocytic MDSC; ICOS inducible T cell co-stimulator, lin neg MDSC lineage negative MDSC, MDSC myeloid derived suppressor cell, mMDSC monocytic MDSC, NK natural killer, pDC plasmacytoid DC, PD-1 programmed cell death protein 1, PD-L1 programmed cell death ligand-1, Tbet T box expressed in T cells, TCR T cell receptor, Tim-3 T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-3, Tregs regulatory T cells