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Table 3 CART72 levels in tumor biopsies

From: Safety, tumor trafficking and immunogenicity of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells specific for TAG-72 in colorectal cancer

Patient ID CART72 delivery Tumor biopsy location Timing of biopsy CC49-ζ by PCR (copies/106 cells)
Tumor Blood
303D HA Liver Day of 4th infusion 220 1937
301B HA Liver 2 weeks post 4th infusion <50 <117
201A IV Rectum Day of 5th infusion <50 1704
  1. HA hepatic artery, IV intravenous, PCR polymerase chain reaction
  2. Levels of CC49-ζ modified CART72 cells were measured by PCR in tumor biopsies taken at variable time points post-CART72 infusion in three patients. CC49-ζ levels in biopsied tumor tissue were compared to levels in blood at corresponding time points. Patients 303D and 301B were treated in trial C-9702 and patient 201A was treated in trial C-9701