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Table 1 Current Value Frameworks

From: The Value of Cancer Immunotherapy Summit at the 2016 Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 31st Anniversary Annual Meeting

Framework Factors considered Purpose Costs measured? Perspective
ASCO Framework Net Health Benefit: Clinical Benefit (OS > PFS > RR), Toxicity, Extended Survival Comparison of two regimens that have been reported in a randomized clinical trial No Patient
ESMO-MCBS Magnitude of Clinical Benefit: Prognosis of Condition, Clinical Benefit (OS, PFS), Long-term Survival (HR, RR), Quality of Life, Toxicity Comparison of magnitude of benefit of regimens with reported comparative research outcomes No Societal
NCCN Evidence Blocks Efficacy, Safety, Quality of Evidence, Consistency of Evidence, Affordability Visual representation of key factors that provide information about the value of the recommendations within the guidelines Yes Patient
MSKCC Drug Abacus Efficacy, Cost Toxicity, Treatment Novelty, Costs of Development, Rarity of Disease, Population Burden of Condition Intended to provide information regarding the proper pricing of new drugs in the market Yes Societal
ICER Value Framework Incremental Cost - Effectiveness Ratio:
\( \frac{\mathrm{Cos}{\mathrm{t}}_{\mathrm{new}}-\mathrm{Cos}{\mathrm{t}}_{\mathrm{s}\mathrm{tandard}}}{\mathrm{Effectivenes}{\mathrm{s}}_{\mathrm{new}}-\mathrm{Effectivenes}{\mathrm{s}}_{\mathrm{s}\mathrm{tandard}}} \)
Comparison of two treatments based on efficacy and cost Yes Societal
  1. Abbreviations: OS Overall survival, PFS Progression-free survival, HR Hazard ratio, RR Response rate