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Fig. 4

From: Cerebral vasculitis mimicking intracranial metastatic progression of lung cancer during PD-1 blockade

Fig. 4

Chemokine levels over time and detection of anti-vascular endothelial antibodies. a, b Changes in inflammatory chemokine levels that were measured in the serum of the patient by a multiplex bead assay. Chemokines were measured before treatment with nivolumab (time point 1), after 4 weeks (time point 2), after 10 weeks (time point 3), at the diagnosis of the vasculitis/encephalitis (time point 4), and 3 weeks later (time point 5). c Staining of control cerebellum sections with serum from the patient at the time point when the vasculitis/encephalitis was diagnosed. d Staining of cerebellar sections with control serum (left panel) or serum from the patient before PD-1 blockade (right panel)

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