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Table 3 Level of CD8 T-cell infiltration in tumor cell nests

From: Phase 1 study of intravenous administration of the chimeric adenovirus enadenotucirev in patients undergoing primary tumor resection

Patient CD8 cells in tumor cell nests Infiltration level
IT-201 209 High
IT-203 18 Low
IT-204 206 High
IT-301 388 High
IT-302 169 High
IV-101 365 High
IV-201 4 Low
IV-301 116 High
IV-302 188 High
IV-303 154 High
  1. aCD8 cell numbers were counted in a 1 mm2 area of tumor for two different tissue blocks per patient, as described in Methods, with the average of the two scores used here, with the exception of IT-204 and IV-201 where only one CD8 stained section was available