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Table 3 CyTOF panel for the phenotypic and functional analysis of immune cell subsets

From: Distinct predictive biomarker candidates for response to anti-CTLA-4 and anti-PD-1 immunotherapy in melanoma patients

  Metal label Specificity Antibody clone
1 115In Dead cells n/a
2 140Ce Beads n/a
3 141Pr CD25 M-A251
4 142Nd CD19 HIB19
5 143Nd IL-10 JES3-9D7
6 144Nd IL-4 MP4-25D2
7 145Nd CD4 RPA-T4
8 146Nd CD8 RPA-T8
9 147Sm CD20 2H7
10 148Nd CD57 HCD57
11 149Sm CTLA-4 14D3
12 150Nd MIP-1β D21–1351
13 151Eu CD107a H4A3
14 152Sm TNFa Mab11
15 153Eu CD45RA HI100
16 154Sm CD3 UCHT1
17 155Gd CD28 L293
18 156Gd CD38 HB-7
19 157Gd HLA-DR G46–6
20 158Gd CD33 WM53
21 159 Tb GMCSF BVD2-21C11
22 160Gd CD14 M5E2
23 161Dy IFNγ 4S.B3
24 162Dy CD69 FN50
25 163Dy TCRγδ B1
26 164Dy IL-17 N49–853
27 165Ho CD127 A019D5
28 166Er IL-2 MQ1-17 h12
29 167Er CD27 L128
30 168Er CD154 (CD40L) 24–31
31 169Tm CCR7 150503
32 170Er PD1 EH12.1
33 171Yb Granzyme B GB11
34 172Yb PD-L2 24F.10C12
35 173Yb Perforin B-D48
36 174Yb CD16 3G8
37 175Lu PD-L1 29E.2A3
38 176Yb CD56 NCAM16.2
39 191Ir DNA1 n/a
40 193Ir DNA2 n/a
  1. A 40-marker CyTOF panel for the phenotypic and functional analysis of immune cell subsets in melanoma patients treated with anti-CTLA-4 or anti-PD-1 therapy is shown. The element and isotope of the metal tag conjugated to each antibody and non-protein subject (italic) is indicated under the ‘Metal Label’ column. ‘Specificity’ indicates the target recognized by the metal-conjugated antibody or non-protein subject. 193Ir/195Ir DNA Intercalator and 115In Maleimide DOTA live/dead stain facilitate the identification of live intact singlets while calibration beads (140Ce) are important for data pre-processing. Antibody clones are listed when applicable