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Table 2 List of cell surface markers used in this study

From: An innovative immunotherapeutic strategy for ovarian cancer: CLEC10A and glycomimetic peptides

Antibody Source Catalog no. Cell type marker
CD11b-APC BioLegend 101,212 Macrophage
CD11c-Pacific Blue BioLegend 117,322 Myeloid Cell, DC
CD11c-VioBlue Miltenyi 130-102-797 Myeloid Cell, DC
CD3ε-VioBlue Miltenyi 130-102-203 T Cell
CD4-APC BioLegend 100,412 TH Cell
CD8α-PE BioLegend 100,708 Cytotoxic T Cell
CD19-FITC BioLegend 115,506 B Cell
CD69-FITC BioLegend 104,505 Cell Activation
CD73-Brilliant Violet BioLegend 127,215 B Memory Cell
CD80-APC BioLegend 104,713 B Cell Activation
CD86-APC BioLegend 105,011 Cell Activation
CD273-PE BioLegend 107,205 B Memory Cell
F4/80-PE BioLegend 123,110 Macrophage
Ly6C-FITC Miltenyi 130-093-134 Monocyte
NK1.1-APC Miltenyi 130-095-869 NK Cell