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Table 3 Ratios of the levels of selected cytokines in sera from treated vs. untreated animals

From: An innovative immunotherapeutic strategy for ovarian cancer: CLEC10A and glycomimetic peptides

Cytokine Tumor-bearing Expression Healthy
IL-1α 2.7 Activated Macrophages 0.86
IL-12p70 3.5 Dendritic cells and macrophages No change
IL-16 4 Released by lymphocytes 0.57
IL-27 4.5 Antigen-presenting cells, promotes Th1 responses 0.55
IL-28 4.3 Augments IFN-γ release, cytotoxic potential of CD8+ T cells High*
IL-31 3.5 Activated Th2 T cells High*
MIP-2/CXCL2 ~ 6 Secreted by monocytes and macrophages No change
Pentraxin3 ~ 4 Mononuclear phagocytes, dendritic cells and neutrophils 0.21
SPARC ~ 5 Osteoblasts, macrophages at site of wound repair No change
TIMP-2 3 Metastasis suppressor, expressed by monocytes, placenta 0.45
TNFα 45* Activated monocytes and macrophages 0.21
TLR2 4.2 Activated monocytes, DCs, macrophages, B and T cells 0.37
Lymphotoxin-α 12.5* Produced by Th1 T cells 0.74
sHVEM ~ 2 Activated monocytes and lymphocytes 10
IFN-γ High* Activated lymphocytes No change
CCL1 2.5 Activated T cells No change
Lymphotactin ~ 3 Activated CD8+ cells 2.6
  1. Markers of lymphocyte and monocyte activation in response to 0.1 nmole/g svL4 in Balb/c mice bearing breast tumors are compared with healthy mice. Sera from three animals were pooled for analysis with an array of 308 soluble factors. (*In these samples, the control value was negligible or low, thus the fold increase for treated samples appears high)