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Table 1 MSIplus and MSI-PCR Microsatellite Loci

From: Microsatellite instability in prostate cancer by PCR or next-generation sequencing

Target Loci Panel(s) Loci Coordinates (GRCh37/hg19) Repeat Type Gene
Bat25 MSI-PCR, MSIplus chr4:55598212–55598236 (T)25 KIT, intronic
Bat-26 MSI-PCR, MSIplus chr2:47641560–47641586 (A)27 MSH2, intronic
MONO-27 MSI-PCR, MSIplus chr2:39564894–39564921 (T)28 MAP4K3, intronic
NR-21 MSI-PCR, MSIplus chr14:23652347–23652367 (A)21 SLC7A8, exonic
NR-24 MSI-PCR, MSIplus chr2:95849362–95849384 (T)23 ZNF2, exonic
MSI-01 MSIplus chr1:201754411–201754427 (T)17 NAV1, intronic
MSI-03 MSIplus chr2:62063094–62063110 (A)17 FAM161A, intronic
MSI-04 MSIplus chr2:108479623–108479640 (T)18 RGPD4, intronic
MSI-06 MSIplus chr5:172421761–172421775 (T)15 ATP6V0E1, intronic
MSI-07 MSIplus chr6:142691951–142691967 (T)17 GPR126, intronic
MSI-08 MSIplus chr7:1787520–1787536 (A)17 ELFN1, exonic
MSI-09 MSIplus chr7:74608741–74608753 (T)13 GTF2IP1, intronic
MSI-11 MSIplus chr11:106695515–106695526 (T)12 GUCY1A2, intronic
MSI-12 MSIplus chr15:45897772–45897785 (T)14 BLOC1S6, intronic
MSI-13 MSIplus chr16:18882660–18882674 (A)15 SMG1, intronic
MSI-14 MSIplus chr17:19314918–19314935 (T)18 RNF112, intronic
HSPH1-T17 MSIplus chr13:31722621–31722637 (A)17 HSPH1, intronic
EWSR1 MSIplus chr22:29696469–29696484 (T)16 EWSR1, exonic
  1. For coordinates of the loci captured by Large-Panel NGS see Additional file 2: Table S1