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Table 2 Immune oncologic agents and dosing

From: Quick efficacy seeking trial (QuEST1): a novel combination immunotherapy study designed for rapid clinical signal assessment metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer

Drug Manufacturer Dose
BN-MVA-Brachyury (prime doses) Bavarian Nordic 2.0 × 108 infectious units s.c. every 2 weeks for 2 doses
BN-Brachyury-FPV (boost doses) Bavarian Nordic 1 × 109 infectious units s.c. begin 2 weeks following the 2nd priming dose, continued every 2 weeks for 6 doses, then every 3 months for 2 years
M7824 EMD Serono, Inc. 1200 mg i.v. every 2 weeks
ALT-803 Altor BioScience Given s.c. every 2 weeks (see Table 2)
Epacadostat Incyte, Corp. 100 mg by mouth twice daily