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Fig. 1

From: Novel TLR2-binding adjuvant induces enhanced T cell responses and tumor eradication

Fig. 1

AV-SLP conjugate vaccination induces in vitro T cell activation and enhances in vivo priming of endogenous T cells. Percentages of IFNγ- (a) and TNFα- (b) producing transgenic OT1 T cells after 48 h of co-culture with D1 DCs that were loaded overnight with the indicated SLPOVA CTL peptide mixed with Pam3CSK4 or AV, or conjugated to Pam3CSK4 or AV. Percentages of Kb-SIINFEKL+ CD8β+ T cells in (c) vaccine-draining lymph node ex vivo and (d) restimulated splenocytes of C57BL/6 mice vaccinated with mixtures of Pam3CSK4 and SLPOVA CTL (Pam + SLPOVA mix), AV and SLPOVA (AV + SLPOVA mix), Pam-SLPOVA conjugate or AV-SLPOVA conjugate. Five nmole of each SLP, free adjuvant or TLR2-L SLP conjugate were administered, i.e. a mixture of TLR2-L and SLP contained 5 nmole of TLR2-L and 5 nmole SLP. Significance determined by unpaired t-test in (c) and (d): * p < 0.05, ** p < 0.01. All presented experiments were repeated at least twice with similar outcome

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