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Fig. 4 | Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Fig. 4

From: Novel TLR2-binding adjuvant induces enhanced T cell responses and tumor eradication

Fig. 4

TC-1 tumors initially grow slower in mice vaccinated with AV-SLPHPV conjugate. (a) Kaplan-Meier survival plot of C57BL/6 mice carrying a TC-1 tumor vaccinated with indicated vaccines. Data pooled from two identically performed experiments, total number of mice per group indicated as n. Significant difference between AV + SLPHPV mix and AV-SLPHPV (* p = 0.014) determined by Gehan-Breslow Wilcoxon test. (b) Average tumor size per group of mice vaccinated with either AV-SLPHPV or Pam-SLPHPV conjugates, or not vaccinated (Untreated). Average tumor size followed in time until first mouse was sacrificed due to tumor burden. Significance determined by Mann Whitney t-test (* p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01). (c) Kaplan-Meier plot showing survival of mice vaccinated in same experiment as (b). Significance determined by log-rank test (** p < 0.01)

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