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Table 3 Treatment for colitis and outcomes (n = 28)

From: Outcomes of vedolizumab therapy in patients with immune checkpoint inhibitor–induced colitis: a multi-center study

Characteristic No. of patients (%)
 Mean overall duration of steroid therapy, days (SD) 96 (74)
 Diarrhea refractory to steroids 28 (100)
 Infliximab therapy 9 (32)
 Median no. of infliximab doses (IQR) 2 (1–3)
 Recurrent symptoms while receiving infliximab 9 (100)
 Median no. of vedolizumab doses (IQR) 3 (1–4)
 Median duration from 1st vedolizumab to improvement, days (IQR) 5 (1–30)
 Mean duration of endoscopic follow-up, months (SD) 6 (4)
 Clinical remission at last follow-up 24 (86)
 Endoscopic remission at last follow-upa 7 (54)
 Histologic remission at last follow-upa 5 (29)
  1. Abbreviations: SD, standard deviation; IQR, interquartile range.
  2. aRepeat endoscopic and histologic evaluations were performed in 17 patients. However, endoscopic remission was counted for only 13 patients who had abnormal endoscopic findings initially and had repeat evaluation