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Fig. 6 | Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Fig. 6

From: Chemo-immunotherapy improves long-term survival in a preclinical model of MMR-D-related cancer

Fig. 6

Tumor size and Kaplan-Meier survival curve during therapeutic chemo-immunotherapy. a Tumor volume in mm3 as determined by PET/CT imaging. Depicted are the mean tumor sizes at start of treatment and after 28 days of each individual MLH1−/− mouse. b Log rank survival analysis of treated and control mice. Mice receiving chemo-immunotherapy were given GEM (100 mg/kg bw, i.p.) 24 h before vaccination (tumor lysate), followed by repetitive local applications of the vaccine (10 mg/kg bw, s.c., n = 5 mice). An additional group of mice received the vaccine (10 mg/kg bw, s.c., n = 5 mice). Control mice received single GEM (100 mg/kg bw, i.p., n = 3 mice) injection or were left untreated (n = 5 mice/group). Control vs. lysate p < 0.05; control vs. GEM + lysate p < 0.05

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