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Fig. 4 | Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Fig. 4

From: Nature of coexisting thyroid autoimmune disease determines success or failure of tumor immunity in thyroid cancer

Fig. 4

Intra-thyroidal immune profiling of M1 and M2 macrophage polarization using Flow Cytometry Analysis. Flow cytometry analysis of M1 macrophages (FACS) contour plots (Upper panel) of representative patients and Bar graphs (Lower panel) of statistical analysis of leukocyte specimens from patients with Euthyroid Hashimoto Thyroiditis (EHT) (n = 8) and Graves disease (GD) (n = 8). Leukocyte specimens gated for CD3-ve and subsequently sorted for macrophages (CD14 and CD68). Macrophages were re-gated for the M1 macrophage activation marker Viz. CCR2, CXCR1, IL12, TNFa and iNOS, Uninduced (a) and Induced (b) are shown. Macrophages were again re-gated for the M2 macrophage activation marker Viz. Arginase 1, Dectin 1 and IL10. Uninduced (c) and Induced (d) are shown. Statistical significance was determined by using t-test: two samples assuming unequal variance

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