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Fig. 6 | Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer

Fig. 6

From: NKG2D signaling certifies effector CD8 T cells for memory formation

Fig. 6

Blocking NKG2D signaling during in vivo killing altered the expression of epigenetic modifier enzymes. Effector pMel CD8 T cells were generated as described in Fig. 1a. One day after injecting the anti-NKG2D blocking antibody (a) or one day after the in vivo killing assay (b), effector CD8 pMel T cells were isolated from the spleen of 5 pooled mice using CD90.1+ congenic marker. After mRNA isolation and conversion into cDNA, 84 different epigenetic modifier enzymes were selectively quantified using RT2 Profiler Epigenetic modifier enzymes PCR array. The fold of change was calculated using the online software provided by Qiagen. The enzymes with >‚ÄČ2.5-fold change in expression are numbered on the plot and summarized in the tables on the right side, together with their fold of change

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