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Table 1 Laboratory data

From: Acute liver injury in the context of immune checkpoint inhibitor-related colitis treated with infliximab

Variable Reference Range, Adultsa Result
White blood cell count (per μL) 4000–11,000 5200
Hemoglobin (g/dL) 14.0–18.0 13.0
Mean corpuscular volume (fL) 82–98 87
Platelet count (per μL) 140,000–440,000 208,000
Sodium (mEq/L) 136–145 143
Blood urea nitrogen (mg/dL) 8–20 16
Creatinine (mg/dL) 0.70–1.30 1.19
Lactate dehydrogenase (U/L) 313–618 870
Hepatitis A IgM antibody Negative Negative
Hepatitis B surface antigen Non-reactive Non-reactive
Hepatitis B surface antibody (mIU/mL) < 5.0 (Negative) < 5.0 (Negative)
Hepatitis B total core antibody Non-reactive Non-reactive
Hepatitis B DNA (IU/mL) Undetected Undetected
Hepatitis C antibody Non-reactive Non-reactive
Hepatitis E IgM antibody Negative Negative
Hepatitis E IgG antibody Negative Positive
CMV IgM (units) 0.0–0.9 0.9 (Equivocal)
CMV IgG (units) 0.00–0.79 11.90
EBV viral capsid antigen IgM antibody Negative Negative
EBV viral capsid antigen IgG antibody Negative Positive
EBV nuclear antigen IgG antibody Negative Positive
HSV-1 DNA (copies/mL) Not detected Not detected
HSV-2 DNA (copies/mL) Not detected Not detected
Anti-nuclear antibody titer < 1:40 < 1:40
Anti-smooth muscle antibody Negative Negative
Anti-mitochondrial antibody Negative Negative
Anti-liver kidney microsomal type 1 antibody Negative Negative
Ceruloplasmin (mg/dL) 19.0–31.0 30.5
Ferritin (ng/mL) 30–400 638
Iron (μg/dL) 49–181 51
Total iron binding capacity (μg/dL) 250.0–450.0 247.7
HFE gene mutation analysis One copy of H63D detected
Triglycerides (mg/dL) < 150 166b
LDL-cholesterol (mg/dL) < 100 74b
Anti-tissue transglutaminase IgA antibody (U/mL) < 4.0 < 1.2
Anti-tissue transglutaminase IgG antibody (U/mL) < 6.0 < 1.2
  1. aReference values are affected by variables including patient population and laboratory methods employed
  2. bThese results were obtained over 1 year prior to presentation