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Table 3 Allograft Rejection and Tumor Response Rates According to the Immunosuppressive Regimen Used at Initiation of Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy

From: Checkpoint inhibitor therapy for cancer in solid organ transplantation recipients: an institutional experience and a systematic review of the literature

Immunosuppression at initiation of checkpoint inhibitor therapy Allograft rejection, no./reported cases (%) Tumor responsea, no./reported cases (%)
All patientsb 15/38 (40) 15/32c [47]
Single-agent immunosuppressive therapy
 Prednisone (≤10 mg/day) 7/9 (78) 5/8 (63)
 mTOR inhibitors 2/3 (67) 1/2 (50)
 Calcineurin inhibitors 1/9 (11) 2/8 (25)
Combination immunosuppressive therapy 5/17 (29) 7/14 (50)
  1. aDisease remission or stabilization
  2. bOne patient stopped anti-rejection medication prior to initiation of ipilimumab + nivolumab combination therapy. This patient had allograft rejection after therapy initiation but re-initiated therapy after a 1-week delay and was able to complete induction therapy, achieving partial tumor response
  3. cIn six patients, the tumor response to checkpoint inhibitor therapy was not evaluated