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Table 1 Immune checkpoint inhibitor mAb therapies

From: Immunogenicity of immunomodulatory, antibody-based, oncology therapeutics

mAb Target Structure Isotype Route of admin. Approvalsa
Ipilimumab CTLA-4 Fully human IgG1, kappa IV MEL, RCCb, MSI-H/MRD CRCb
Nivolumab PD-1 Fully human IgG4, kappa IV MEL, NSCLC, cHL, RCC, HNSCC, UC, MSI-H/MRD CRC, HCC
Pembrolizumab PD-1 Humanized IgG4, kappa IV MEL, NSCLC, cHL, HNSCC, PMBCL, UC, MSI-H/MRD cancer, HCC, gastric cancer, cervical cancer
Cemiplimab PD-1 Fully human IgG4, kappa IV CSCC
Atezolizumab PD-L1 Humanized Fc-engineered IgG1, kappa IV UC, NSCLC
Avelumab PD-L1 Fully human IgG1, lambda IV MCC, UC
Durvalumab PD-L1 Engineered human IgG1, kappa IV UC, stage III NSCLC
  1. CRC colorectal cancer, cHL classical Hodgkin lymphoma, CSCC cutaneous squamous-cell carcinoma, CTLA-4 cytotoxic T-lymphocyte associated protein 4, HCC hepatocellular carcinoma, HNSCC head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, IV intravenous, mAb monoclonal antibody, MCC Merkel cell carcinoma, MEL melanoma, MRD mismatch repair-deficient, MSI-H microsatellite instability-high, NSCLC non-small-cell lung cancer, PD-1 programmed death 1, PD-L1 PD-ligand 1, PMBCL primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma, RCC renal cell carcinoma, SC subcutaneous, UC urothelial carcinoma
  2. aListed approvals reflect US Food and Drug Administration approvals
  3. bIn combination with nivolumab