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Table 1 Summary of the datasets used

From: Level of neo-epitope predecessor and mutation type determine T cell activation of MHC binding peptides

Source HLA Total no. of predicted samples Confirmed Positive samples Confirmed Negative samples
Melanoma (Me.) A*02:01 485 35 450
Melanoma Patient 1 A*02
B*18, B*35
C*07, C*05
187 7 180
Melanoma Patient 2 A*11, A*23
B*14, B*41
56 3 53
Melanoma Patient 3 A*02, A*24
B*15, B*38
68 3 65
Tantigen [44] mix   24 0
  1. For each dataset the name of the dataset, the number of positives and negatives epitopes in the data, and the HLA composition of the data are presented. The Melanoma patients were used for validation of the model and the results