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Table 1 Subtype specific abundance of CD8+ TILs in MIUC. Abundance of CD8+ TILs in 408 MIUC tumors was determined using CIBERSORT tool. High and low CD8+ TIL groups were defined based on the average relative score obtained from CIBERSORT output. Relative scores above and below the average were classified as high and low CD8+ TIL abundance, respectively

From: DNA damage repair gene mutations and their association with tumor immune regulatory gene expression in muscle invasive bladder cancer subtypes

Subtype CD8+ TIL high CD8+ TIL low Total
Basal squamous 55 87 142
Luminal 7 19 26
Luminal infiltrated 25 53 78
Luminal papillary 40 102 142
Neuronal 4 16 20
Number of cases 131 277 408