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Fig. 4

From: Pre-clinical investigation of the synergy effect of interleukin-12 gene-electro-transfer during partially irreversible electropermeabilization against melanoma

Fig. 4

IGET induced a memory immune response. Mice experiencing complete regression of the tumor 100 days after the first treatment were injected again with 0.5 × 106 B16F10 cells. Injection in naïve mice served as control (untreated). Tumor growth was followed up to 100 days. a In IGET treated group (black line), 2 mice developed the tumor, 1 needed to be sacrificed for external purpose, 2 mice never developed tumors. b Mice survival in untreated (dash gray line) and IGET treated group (black line), ***P < 0.001 (Log-rank (Mantel-Cox) Test) (c) Pictures illustrating the position of injection sites and the absence of tumor development in an IGET mouse (bottom). 4 ≤ N ≤ 5 mice per group

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