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Fig. 5

From: Pre-clinical investigation of the synergy effect of interleukin-12 gene-electro-transfer during partially irreversible electropermeabilization against melanoma

Fig. 5

IGET treatment slowed down distant tumor growth. CD11c-GFP-DTR mice were intradermally injected with 0.5 × 106 B16F10 cells in both flanks. When one of the tumors reached a volume of 7 to 15 mm3, 2x25μg of pIL-12 were injected intradermally in the healthy skin directly surrounding the tumor. Electrotransfection was realized using HV-MV electrical parameters. Two days later, pIRE parameters were applied on previously treated tumor. a The volume of treated (red) and untreated (black) tumors was measured until one of the tumor reached 1200 mm3. As described previously treated tumors can be divided in responders (rejection of the treated tumor) and non-responders (no rejection of the treated tumor), (b) Survival curves of responding and non-responding mice and (c) growth curves of untreated tumors from responding mice (red) and non-responding mice (Black). Dots represents individual points; thin lines, the median of tumor growth; thick lines, the calculated regression curves. N = 18, 2 independent experiments

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