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Fig. 3

From: Cancer targeting by TCR gene-engineered T cells directed against Kita-Kyushu Lung Cancer Antigen-1

Fig. 3

CT83 expression is limited in healthy tissue to immune-privileged or non-vital sites. a cDNA from a custom-made panel of 51 non-neural tissues and 24 neural tissues was assessed for CT83 and CTAG1A expression by qRT-PCR. cDNA from cancer cell lines and human T cells were included as controls. The y-axis displays total copy number. This experiment was performed twice with similar results. b Healthy tissue expression of CT83 and CTAG1A is graphed as a heatmap based on data collected from the U133plus2 Affymetrix microarray available through BioGPS. The values shown are z-scores produced by the barcode function of the R package “frma.” z-scores greater than 5 are suggestive of gene expression in the tissue

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