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Table 2 Baseline characteristics

From: A phase I study of the PD-L1 inhibitor, durvalumab, in combination with a PARP inhibitor, olaparib, and a VEGFR1–3 inhibitor, cediranib, in recurrent women’s cancers with biomarker analyses

CharacteristicsN = 9
Age, median (range)59 year-old (44–73)
BRCA mutation status (germline mutation/wild type/unknown)1/7/1
Tumor type
 OvCa (HGSOC/Clear cell/Mixed Mullerian/ Mixed Serous and Endometrioid)6 (2/2/1/1)
 Platinum sensitivity in OvCa (sensitive/resistant)2/5
 Primary Peritoneal cancer (platinum-resistant)1
 Endometrial carcinoma (MSI low)1
 Triple Negative Breast Cancer1
ECOG Performance Status (0/1/2)3/6/0
Number of previous treatments, median (range)2 (2–6)
 Prior PARPi (n)0
 Prior bevacizumab (n)2
  1. Abbreviations: N number, OvCa ovarian cancer, HGSOC high-grade serous OvCa, MSI microsatellite instability, PARPi poly ADP ribose polymerase inhibitor