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Table 1 Patient demographics and characteristics. cAS cutaneous angiosarcoma, RAS radiation associated angiosarcoma

From: Angiosarcoma patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors: a case series of seven patients from a single institution

Patient Demographics Pathology Disease state Prior therapies Immunotherapy Number of ICI doses Response at 12 weeks Duration of response to ICI Best Overall Response Post ICI therapies
1 32-year-old female Primary breast AS MetastaticSoft tissue, Bones Gemcitabine/ Docetaxel Axitinib + Pembrolizumab (NCT02636725) 4 Progression of disease   Progression of disease Paclitaxel
2 71-year-old female Breast RAS Metastatic Mediastinal lymph nodes, Lung Doxorubicin/ Olaratumab, Gemcitabine/ Docetaxel, Pazopanib Pembrolizumab 5 Partial response Ongoing Partial response N/A
3 62-year-old female cAS Locally advanced- face Doxorubicin, Gemcitabine/ Docetaxel, Pazopanib, Ifosfamide, Notch Inhibitor (NCT01695005), Temozolamide/ Bevacizumab Anti-CTLA-4 (NCT02694822) 14 Partial response Ongoing Complete response None
4 68-year-old female cAS Metastatic Lymph nodes, Bones IL-2/ Cyclophosphamide/ Methotrexate, Paclitaxel, Bevacizumab Pembrolizumab 6 Partial responseb 14 weeks Partial responseb N/A
Ipilimumab/Nivolumab 8 Partial responseb Ongoing Partial responseb N/A
5 89-year-old female cAS Multifocal- scalp Gemcitabine, Paclitaxel, Pazopanib Pembrolizumab 5 Partial responsea Ongoing Partial response None
6 76-year-old male cAS Multifocal- scalp Pazopanib/TRC105 (NCT02979899), Doxorubicin/ Cyclophosphamide/ Olaratumab, Gemcitabine/ Docetaxel Pembrolizumab 5 Partial responsea Ongoing Partial response N/A
7 65-year-old male cAS Multifocal- nose Doxorubicin/ Ifosfamide, Doxorubicin/ Cyclophosphamide, Gemcitabine/ Docetaxel Anti-CTLA-4 (NCT02694822) 7 Progression of disease   Progression of disease Pazopanib
  1. aResponse assessed by clinical exam only bResponse assessed by clinical exam and imaging