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Table 2 Ongoing clinical trials with immune checkpoint inhibitors in first line setting for SCLC

From: Immunotherapy in small-cell lung cancer: from molecular promises to clinical challenges

Clinical trial ID Phase Setting Regimen Endpoint
NCT03382561 II ED-SCLC CE vs CE plus nivolumab PFS
NCT02580994 (REACTION) II ED-SCLC CE vs CE plus pembrolizumab PFS
NCT02934503 II ED-SCLC CE plus pembrolizumab +/− RT PD-L1 changes
NCT03066778 (KEYNOTE-604) III ED-SCLC CE plus pembrolizumab/placebo PFS
NCT02763579 III ED-SCLC CE plus atezolizumab/placebo PFS
NCT03043872 III ED-SCLC CE vs CE plus durvalumab +/−tremelimumab PFS
NCT02402920 I LD-SCLC CE-RT plus pembrolizumab MTD
  1. ED-SCLC Extensive-stage Disease Small cell lung cancer, CE Cisplatin/Carboplatin plus Etoposide, PFS Progression Free Survival, DLTs Dose-limiting Toxicities, OS Overall Survival, AEs Adverse Events, ORR Overall Response Rate, LD-SCLC Limited-stage Disease Small cell lung cancer, RT Radiotherapy, MTD Maximum Tolerated Dose