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Table 4 Ongoing clinical trials in further lines of treatment for SCLC

From: Immunotherapy in small-cell lung cancer: from molecular promises to clinical challenges

Clinical trial ID Phase Setting Regimen Endpoint
NCT02963090 II 2nd line Pembrolizumab vs topotecan PFS
NCT03059667 II 2nd line Atezolizumab vs standard chemotherapy RR (non-comparative)
NCT02331251 (PembroPlus) Ib/II ≥ 2nd line (solid tumors) Pembrolizumab plus irinotecan RP2D
NCT03253068 II 2nd line Pembrolizumab plus Amrubicin ORR
NCT02551432 II ≥ 2nd line Pembrolizumab plus Paclitaxel RR
NCT03262454 II 2nd line Atezolizumab + RT RR
NCT03026166 I/II ≥ 2nd line Rova-T plus Nivolumab +/− ipilimumab DLT
NCT03083691 (BIOLUMA) II 2nd line Nivolumab plus ipilimumab ORR
NCT02701400 II 2nd -3rd line Tremelimumab plus Durvalumab +/− RT PFS
NCT02554812 Ib/II ≥ 2nd line Avelumab plus utomilumab DLT
  1. OS Overall Survival, PFS Progression Free Survival, RR Response Rate, RP2D Recommended phase 2 dose, Rova-T Rovalpituzumab Tesirine, ORR Overall Response Rate, MTD Maximum Tolerated Dose, DLT Dose limiting toxicities