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Table 1 Clinico-pathologic characteristics of the 254 EOC patients

From: BTLA blockade enhances Cancer therapy by inhibiting IL-6/IL-10-induced CD19high B lymphocytes

Non-detectable (n = 105)Detectable
(n = 149)
p value
Follow-up period [mean ± SD, months]38.2 ± 31.5
Age [mean ± SD, years]53.3 ± 11.8
FIGO stagea [early/advanced, cases]33/7228/1210.025
Histologya [serous/mucinous/clear cell /endometrioid/undifferentiated, cases]57/0/13/24/1190/1/14/24/200.471
Tumor gradea,c [1&2/3, cases]16/8619/1240.712
Postoperative residual tumora [< 1 cm/≥1 cm, cases]65/4079/700.198
HVEMb [median, range]1.05 (0.01–79.0)1.52 (0.04–78.2)0.135
BTLAb [median, range]00.16 (0.007–24.3)< 0.001
Disease recurrencea [yes/no, cases]48/57108/41< 0.001
Disease-related deatha [yes/no, cases]18/8759/90< 0.001
  1. Abbreviations: EOC epithelial ovarian carcinoma; SD standard deviation; FIGO International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics; HVEM herpesvirus entry mediator; BTLA B and T lymphocyte attenuator
  2. a By Chi-square test
  3. b By Mann-Whitney test
  4. c Data unavailable for nine patients