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Table 3 Demographics and clinical characteristics of patients with ICI-related MG and those with idiopathic MGa

From: Immune checkpoint inhibitor related myasthenia gravis: single center experience and systematic review of the literature

VariableICI-related MGiMG [26, 28,29,30, 32, 50]
Mean age (years)71 ± 9.760.0 ± 18.8
Female gender (%)35%59%
MGFA classification
Time from first symptom to Class IV/V1–60 days (Median: 7 days)2–3 years
Overlap with myositis/myocarditis42%0.9%
 Anti-striated muscle67%36%b
  1. aAbbreviations: ICI immune checkpoint inhibitors, MG myasthenia gravis, iMG, idiopathic myasthenia gravis, MGFA myasthenia gravis foundation of America, Anti-AChR Anti-Acetylcholine receptor, Anti-MuSK Anti-muscle specific kinase. Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number
  2. bFor patients with non-thymomatous MG