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Table 2 Statistical significance of cell distribution between the mouse groups depicted in Table 1 (p-values as calculated by 1-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s multiple comparison test)

From: Interleukin-15 in cancer immunotherapy: IL-15 receptor complex versus soluble IL-15 in a cancer cell-delivered murine leukemia model

 GFP+ 70Z/3CD4+CD8+NK1.1+‘other’
70Z/3 vs naiven/a0.97530.98560.9710<  0.0001
70Z/3 vs LV15Rc.4<  0.00010.63050.0159<  0.00010.0023
70Z/3 vs LV15sol.1<  0.0001<  0.0001<  0.00010.8314<  0.0001
Naïve vs LV15Rc.4n/a0.84630.0251<  0.0001<  0.0001
Naïve vs LV15sol.1n/a<  0.0001<  0.00010.59920.0001
LV15Rc.4 vs LV15sol.10.2633<  0.00010.0033<  0.00010.0247