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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of patients treated with blood-derived DC vaccinations

From: Blood-derived dendritic cell vaccinations induce immune responses that correlate with clinical outcome in patients with chemo-naive castration-resistant prostate cancer

Gleason scorePrior treatmentsTime start ADT to CRPC
Baseline PSA (ug/l)bBaseline LDH
Baseline ALP
All disease sites at baselinec
mDC-01604 + 5GOS, BIC55.45.8187100Local, LN, bone
mDC-02674 + 4PLND, GOS20.74.615280Local, LN
mDC-03673 + 4PRTX, GOS, BIC93.91025761Local, LN
mDC-04604 + 3RP, SRTX, PLND, GOS, BIC21.539147113LN, bone
mDC-05783 + 4RP, SRTX, PLND, SO, BIC34.74.821179LN
mDC-06714 + 5BIC + DUT, SO94.540185101Local, LN, bone
mDC-07725 + 5CRT, PRTX, PLND, GOS, BIC27.7260222260LN, bone
pDC-01725 + 5PRTX, PLND, LEU, BIC28.56.318198LN
pDC-02594 + 5PRTX, GOS, BIC, NIL, DUT, ABI + P/D83.43.6222102Local, LN, bone
pDC-03595 + 5PLND, LEU, BIC29.08.417681Local, LN, bone
pDC-04703 + 4RP, SRTX, PLND, BIC, SO42.31917488LN
pDC-05654 + 3RP, SRTX, LEU, BIC41.62.6169138LN, bone
pDC-06795 + 4GOS85.75.716495Local, LN
pDC-07824 + 5GOS, BIC91.61720153Local, LN, bone
combiDC-01743 + 4GOS46.13816896Bone
combiDC-02674 + 4LEU, BIC27.64117283Local, bone
combiDC-03635 + 4GOS, LEU, BIC53.91823379Local, LN
combiDC-04734 + 3LEU, BIC, ENZ39.38.717973Local, bone
combiDC-05614 + 5GOS, BIC, ENZ40.53.7205123Local, LN, bone
combiDC-06734 + 4PRTX, GOS, LEU, BIC, ENZ20.41113173LN, bone
combiDC-07534 + 4DEG, BIC, ABI + P, SO, ARN-50929.412016183LN, bone
  1. ABI + P: abiraterone plus prednisone; ABI + P/D: abiraterone plus prednisone + switch of prednisone to dexamethasone at PSA-progression; ADT: androgen deprivation therapy; ALP: alkaline phosphatase; ARN-509: apalutamide, identifier (NCT number): NCT01946204; CRT cryotherapy, BIC bicalutamide, CRPC castration-resistant prostate cancer, DC dendritic cells, DEG degarelix, DUT dutasteride, ENZ enzalutamide, GOS goserelin, LDH lactate dehydrogenase, LEU leuprorelin, LN lymph node, mo months, NIL nilutamide, PLND pelvic lymph node dissection, PRTX primary radiotherapy, PSA prostate-specific antigen, RP radical prostatectomy, SO surgical orchidectomy, SRTX salvage radiotherapy
  2. avaccination with myeloid DC (patient mDC-01 to mDC-07), plasmacytoid DC (patient pDC-01 to pDC-07) or combined myeloid DC + plasmacytoid DC (patient combiDC-01 to combiDC-07)
  3. bmeasured prior to apheresis
  4. cattributed by experienced nuclear medicine specialists and radiologists. Detected at advanced imaging with contrast enhanced 68Ga-prostate-specific membrane antigen PET/CT scans, ferumoxtran-10-enhanced MRIs and MRI bones using Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (RECIST) 1.1 and Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Working Group 2 (PCWG2) criteria