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Table 2 Parameter estimates in pediatric and young adult patients

From: Population pharmacokinetics, exposure-safety, and immunogenicity of atezolizumab in pediatric and young adult patients with cancer

ParameterPediatric/young adult modelAdult model
Estimate%RSEShrinkage (%)Estimate%RSEShrinkage (%)
CL (L/day)0.2175 0.2002 
V1 (L)3.014 3.282 
V2 (L)1.3611 3.634 
Q (L/day)0.18318 0.5468 
Weight on CL0.7958 0.8088 
Albumin on CL−1.1820 −1.1210 
Tumor burden on CL0.12235 0.12517 
Positive ADA on CL1.238 1.1625 
Weight on V10.7668 0.5598 
Albumin on V1−0.56629 −0.35021 
Sex (female) on V1NE − 0.12916 
Sex (female) on V2NE −0.27216 
Proportional residual variance0.05132120.04379
Additive residual variance68.91091216.6399
BSV for CL0.045833210.086799
BSV for V10.014065430.03281817
BSV for V20.31163390.1142533
Correlation of BSVs for CL, V10.510 0.341  
Correlation of BSVs for CL, V2NE −0.236  
Correlation of BSVs for V1, V2NE 0.434  
Objective function3637  40,748  
  1. Abbreviations: %RSE Percent relative standard error, ADA Anti-drug antibody, BSV Between-subject variability, CL Clearance, NE Not evaluated, Q Inter-compartmental clearance, V1 Volume of the central compartment, V2 Volume of the peripheral compartment